NES Classic Production Might Have End Already, No More NES Classics?

NES Classic has had an overwhelming welcome by the crowd as everyone has lost their mind because of the nostalgia effect. This product is sold out everywhere and people who sell their units are asking for a good amount of cash. You could think that Nintendo would keep selling this console, but recent rumors are saying the contrary.

NeoGAF member Roarer, who works for a Scandinavian retailer, has heard from a Nintendo distributor that they’re ceasing the production of this console, and the last shipment should arrive in the nest months.

We’ve just heard from Nintendo’s Nordic distributor Bergsala that the NES Classic Mini has reached its end of life and will be phased out. According to them production has ended and a few more shipments should arrive before everything dries up.

By our estimates, we (as a single retailer) might not be able to fulfill all orders that have been placed so far. Our last shipment should arrive in April or May, and after that there won’t be any more shipments.

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It’s very hard to say why Nintendo is ceasing the production of a so successful product, especially since its sales touch 1.5 million.

However, a russian hacker has found a way to install new games to Nes CLASSIC. Everything you have to do is boot the system in FEL Mode and connect it to the PC via micro USB. After that, simply use the hacker program in order to modify data from the console and add games, and voilà. You can now play new games. For more information, just read our story about it.