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Lifetime Forza Sales Have Passed 1 Billion Dollars Since 2005 Debut

Since its debut back in 2005, the Forza series has done very well for itself, culminating in its most recent achievement. According to a Microsoft update, lifetime Forza sales in retail have passed a billion dollars over the past twelve years, and that’s not even counting all the money that the series got through digital sales.

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The information came from the NPD group data collection firm, which gathered the series’s sales between November of 2012 and January of 2017, then added in all the sales from across the entire series, both from the conventional racing Motorsport series and the open-world racing game Horizon. With all of the lifetime Forza sales in mind, Microsoft has called the series the highest-selling racing game of this console generation.

Considering the Forza trademarks, meaning a wide selection of cars, amazing graphics, a wide variety of tracks, and more, it’s not really a surprise that so many sales have been made for the series.

According to Microsoft, as of December 2016, over 14 million players were involved in the Forza community, both on the Xbox One and on PC. Forza Horizon 3, which came out last year, has also reached 2.5 million copies in sales.

The series has also experienced a boost in popularity what with the eSports component coming out, in the form of the Forza Racing Championship that has given out all sorts of real world prizes and prestige for winners of the racing league to bask in. Turn 10 Studios, with all of the lifetime Forza sales, has since built up one of the biggest racing game communities in gaming currently.

While the series has other competitors such as Project CARS, Need for Speed, and more, Turn 10 appears to have made a big name for themselves in the gaming community, which they can hopefully keep as they move on to the next title.