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For Honor NAT Type, Connection, Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Lag and Fixes

Ubisoft’s For Honor had a lot of hope associated with it after the reveal. Since then Ubisoft has been hard at work to deliver what they promised to the fans; an action packed close melee combat experience. You could be a Viking, a Samurai or even a warden. There are different melee playstyles, enough to cater the diverse needs of a broader audience.

The game had a successful open beta run with few issues and now, the full version has been released. Performance wise, there aren’t much complaints, however, as far as the connectivity is concerned, a lot of users are facing connection/NAT issues.

If you are looking for a solution, we have shortlisted the common problems being faced by users and their possible fixes. You can try them out to resolve your issue.

For Honor Errors, Crashes, Connection Issue and Their Workarounds

#1 For Honor – Full Screen Mode Not Working
If you are unable to run the game in full screen mode, you can fix it by editing your options.ini file which has the configuration for different game settings. Once you open the file using a notepad, you should find (in the video section) “DisplayModeType=0” and change that value to 1. Save the changes, and this should resolve your full screen issue.

#2 For Honor – Download Stuck
If your download is stuck or you are stuck at unpacking, there are a few things you could try to fix this issue:

  • In the task manager, set Steam.exe to high priority.
  • Restart Steam and run the client as admin this time.
  • If your download is stuck, usually around 95%, try changing your download server from Steam.
  • Sometimes, a quick router restart also helps in resolving the issue.

#3 For Honor Connectivity Issues
For Honor is a game that is dependent on online connection for a full experience. So if you are facing connectivity issues, you should try the following:

  • Make sure that the game is not being blocked by your Firewall or any antivirus tool.
  • The game should be run with admin privileges
  • If you are using a router, you should enable UPnP to fix the NAT related issues
  • The recommended ports to open for the gamer are:

TCP: 13000, 13005, 13200, 14000, 14001, 14008, 14020, 14021, 14022, 14023 and 14024 Game Ports:
UDP: 3075

If you are still facing connectivity issues, you can check out this thread.

#4 For Honor Game Does Not Start
If you aren’t getting any errors messages and the game won’t just start, you should try following general troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date. If you are using a laptop, you should make sure that the game is being run using the dedicated GPU and not the integrated one.
  • Verify your game files.
  • Restart Steam if that doesn’t help, try restarting your PC.
  • In the game’s directory, you will find some executables in redist folder, try running those setups.
  • If you are using any controllers, try disconnecting the before you launch the game.

#5 For Honor – Error 006000043 or blocked by EasyAntiCheat
If you are facing this issue, you should first try to verify your game files. If that doesn’t help, you should go to EasyAntiCheat directory in game’s folder and run the exe file as admin. If the problem still persists, make sure that your firewall/security tool is not blocking the game. Developers are aware of the issue so we can expect an official fix too from Ubisoft.

#6 For Honor Error code 0004000008
Just restart your game and you should be fine and the error won’t repeat itself then.

#7 For Honor Error Code 000600036
This error code is also associated with NAT type. If your NAT type is red, you will encounter this issue. The solution is mentioned in #3.

If you are facing nay connection issues, let us know in the comments below. We will update the list as we hear about any other issues and their fixes.