Video Games And Social Media Are Cause Of Student Behavioral Problems, Say Educators

Video games have been often criticized over the years for being too violent and violence has been considered the reason for aggressiveness in children. It is an ongoing debate without any solid evidence despite there being several scientific studies.

Recently, CBC’s education forum, Inside the Classroom, featured 30 educators from across the province, several teachers and counselors who raised concerns over the video game and social media impact’s on the students.

Teachers raised concern over students being up all night playing games and coming to class zonked, which is the problem as they are not able to understand anything that is being taught in the class. According to Kimberly Fifield, an elementary school teacher on the northeast Avalon, students are “too tired to learn”.

They could fall asleep in class, they could become agitated, they’re more irritable. They’re just unable to focus on what you’re trying to teach them in the run of a day.

Joe Santos, a high school teacher on the northeast Avalon, added that attendance rate goes down after the release of a highly anticipated video game, as the students wake up all night trying to complete a game.

According to Angela Wilmott, a school counselor in central Newfoundland, students spending long hours playing video games that are sometimes violent or graphic in nature could have a negative impact on their mental health.

If you’re role-playing war games for hours every day, it has an impact in how your brain is working and how you’re dealing with stress and anxiety.

The teachers also raised concern over video games being partially responsible for students learning foul language. Sometimes students play games like Call Of Duty and GTA Online where other online players could be adults. The teacher said that she is concerned that kids could be exposed to vulgar language. Wilmott added:

That’s becoming much more common. To see that now in primary, elementary‚Ķ Where are those kids going to be in Grade 11.

It makes sense that teachers are concerned about the behavior of their students and waking up all night playing games definitely impacts as students are just too tired. However, blaming it all on the games seems a bit overkill.

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