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iPhone X Will Not Come With Home Button, Says a Patent

A recent Apple’s patent says that there will be no physical home button on iPhone X. The patent further reveals that Apple will use a new material that will be a deform-able touch-sensitive quantum tunneling material that will  remove the convenience of a physical home button.

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The patent application gives a diagram of iPhone X and this can unlock many potentials for Apple iPhone, which were restricted on previous models. Above all the ideas, waterproof iPhone is something Apple fans would want to have.

Since all the previous models of Apple iPhone consisted of physical home button key, the new patent concept will remove the button, allowing a waterproof design for iPhone X or any upcoming iPhone.

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Apple needs to pick up the pace and introduce something new in iPhone. Besides all the hardware upgrades every consecutive iPhone gets, as such faster CPU, greater mega pixel camera and screen size, Apple does nothing new. Apple needs to come up with something in the market that can stand out from others.

Recently, a report suggested that Apple iPhone 7 is losing out against OPPO and Huwaei. That is to say, when it comes to competition of Apple with its counterpart Android running devices, Apple is not doing well.

According to  IDC reports:

2016 was the first time ever that Apple saw a YoY decline in the PRC market. Even though the new black colored iPhones caught the attention of consumers, overall, the new launches did not create as much of a frenzy compared to the past. Despite the decline, IDC does not believe Chinese vendors have actually eaten away Apple’s market share. Most Apple users are expected to be holding out for the new iPhone that will be launched this year, and that will help the brand to see a growth in 2017. Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone will also likely attract some of the high-end Android users in China to convert to an iPhone.