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Nioh Walkthrough – The Samurai From Sawayama, Obsidian Samurai Boss Tips

Nioh The Samurai From Sawayama walkthrough will help you with the entire mission and will guide you how to win the Obsidian Samurai Boss fight.

The Samurai From Sawayama mission in Nioh is a very simple mission, however, the boss at the end of the mission, The Obsidian Samurai, could be a challenging foe if you are not careful.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Samurai From Sawayama

This Nioh walkthrough will guide you through the mission so you can reach the Obsidian Samurai and will help you to defeat him so you can progress ahead with the story.

The Samurai From Sawayama

When The Samurai From Sawayama begins there will be a shrine just ahead so rest there and prepare for the journey ahead. Take the steps down and follow the halls to take out the Yokai to the left and stay to the left while keep going straight to enter the next series of rooms to find an Amrita Fiend.

Kill it and open the double sliding doors then head left and then take a right. Now take the first left taking you down the steps. Make a left at the landing and then right into the next room.

Another Amrita Fiend will be waiting for you, so take it out and open the double doors. Go left and then take the first right where another Amrita Fiend will be roaming. Kill it and head right and head down the stairs to your left.

Head out to the tunnel and follow it until you encounter a Wheel Monk. Proceed ahead and stay on your left and you will come to a chamber with an archer and a shadow realm that will reveal a One-Eyed Oni. Defeat it and obtain Gaoler’s Keychain.

Take the stairs out that will take you out of this room and follow them up. Along the path, you will encounter Dwellers tossing explosives at you. Keep going up and take a right to open the double doors. Go through the door and go right where you will find an Amrita Fiend. Kill it and open the double doors and head down the hallway.

In the next room, there will be a shadow realm that reveals a Spider. Kill it and go down the hallway from here to come to a room where you will encounter another Amrita Fiend.Kill it and progress forward into the next room and head left down the hall to come to a large double door. Open the door to unlock a shortcut and make an about face into the room and head left to open the other set of double doors.

Keep going ahead into the next room where you will face off against a mob of Yokai. Deal with them and head through the hallway to the next room and open the double doors to the left for a shortcut. Head down the central stairs here and open the double doors. Beyond this door, you will face the Obsidian Samurai.

Obsidian Samurai Boss Tips

The Obsidian Samurai uses an axe in mid stance and a katana in mid stance. In its first phase try to dodge its attacks and hit its legs. However, in the second phase the Obsidian Samurai will get more aggressive so try to dodge at its back and deliver several quick blows on its legs.

You can block him while he is about to strike with its mouth so that you only suffer less damage. Repeat these steps and keep hitting its legs and you will defeat Obsidian Samurai and you will proceed with the story.

So, that is all for Nioh The Samurai From Sawayama walkthrough with tips for defeating the Obsidian Samurai.