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League of Legends Recovery Tool Helps Remake Game From Specific Points

Riot Games secretly developed a League of Legends recovery tool which allows a live game to be remade from any past specific point.

There can be various reasons due to which a tournament organizer is forced to remake a game. An unstable internet connection might have dropped players just before an important skirmish or in the case of FlyQuest, a nasty bug which produced unfair results.

Last night’s tie-breaker series for first place in the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) pitted FlyQuest against Cloud9. At a crucial point in the third game, the bottom lane duo of Johnny “Altec” Ru and Daerek “LemonNation” Hart engaged Andy “Smoothie” Ta for what should have been an easy kill.

LemonNation flashed in to lock down the enemy Zyra with Malzahar, signaling Altec to follow up with Miss Fortune’s ultimate. However, a mere cannon minion in-between bugged out to completely block Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time. This allowed Cloud9 to reply back and finish off LemonNation.

FlyQuest immediately paused the game to point out the bug to Riot Games. This was when the developer revealed its brand new League of Legends tool, officially named “Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool” but dubbed as “Chronobreak” for easier remembrance.

Making its debut in the LCS, the League of Legends recovery tool allowed Riot Games to restart the game just moments before the bug happened. Rather than remaking a brand new game, FlyQuest and Cloud9 resumed from 10:20 exactly. This gave the bottom lane seconds before jumping back in with the same play. This time, though, the cannon minion didn’t bug out.

The following clip shows how and when the bug happened, and the moment when the live game was rewound to moments before.

As for the bug in question, this is not the first time that League of Legends players have come across it. It is assumed that Bullet Time is blocked by a minion if Miss Fortune starts channeling right on top of one.

It goes without saying that Chronobreak will prove invaluable in professional League of Legends circuits. We are likely going to hear more about the tool in the coming days. It would be interesting to know just how it works and whether it comes with certain limitations.