Alienated Echo Fox Comes out Fighting for League of Legends Playoffs

Being denied scrims in the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) has only worked in favor for the League of Legends division of Echo Fox.

Following a rather average performance in the beginning weeks of the Spring Split, star mid-laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen revealed that majority of the big teams are refusing to scrim with them under the orders of their owners and management.

This has to do with a controversial incident from the pre-season where Echo Fox attempted to poach Adrian “Adrian” Ma from Pheonix1. While Riot Games set the record straight later on, it wasn’t enough to deter the other LCS teams from alienating Echo Fox for the duration of the Spring Split.

As a result, the Rick Fox-owned organization has been reduced to practicing alone or with low-tier teams. One would think that such a situation would perhaps hinder a team’s ability to grow and overcome obstacles. Not Echo Fox, which has only found it lucrative to keep their compositions and in-game calls a secret from the competition.

In week four of the Spring Split, Echo Fox began by winning against Counter Logic Gaming. The win, though impressive, was against a side which has been struggling to find its identity. Hence, it was still not that hard to bet against Echo Fox for its next match against the might of Team SoloMid.

It should be noted that Echo Fox has been unable to beat any of the top North American League of Legends teams in the past year. However, the weekend saw a revitalized Echo Fox not just beating TSM, but dismantling every lane in the process.

Each member of the team contributed in meaningful ways, with the spotlight on Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham who went 18-3-15 in the jungle over the course of two games: 13-1-8 and 5-2-7.

Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok made life miserable on the top lane with Singed, later diving into towers and refusing to give TSM any breathing space. Froggen kept his cool against Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in both games, while the bottom lane duo of Yuri “Keith” Jew and Austin “Gate” Yu were always there to back their members.

In comparison to the first couple of weeks where Echo Fox found it difficult to close out games even after procuring significant leads, the last round of League of Legends saw the team take advantage of early kills and snowball to victory. Communications and presence between the members of Echo Fox seemed refined as well.

Echo Fox has risen to fourth place in the standings. If it is to play similarly in its upcoming games, there is no reason why Echo Fox couldn’t be a strong contender to make the playoffs.

Perhaps it is time for the other teams to break the rule and begin practicing with Echo Fox. Surely there are things that others need to learn from the organization.