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Valve Interested in Counter-Strike Paid Mods, Creators Must Earn

Good content creators must be rewarded for their work and Valve believes the best way to do so is to introduce Counter-Strike paid mods in the future.

In a recent interview with GameRevolution, business development authority Erik Johnson stated that community participation and expression has been a vital part of the success of Counter-Strike over the years and especially for the new Global Offensive installment.

Citing the manner in which players come together vote for weapon skins and stickers, he hinted that “the future is trying to find more ways that the community can express themselves in the game”.

Alongside level designer Ido Magal, the team exclaimed appreciation for recent mods such as Classic Offensive and further hinted of unexplored avenues through which mod creators can earn real-world money.

While the talks didn’t specifically mention a time frame to when we can expect Counter-Strike paid mods to hit the shop, Valve made it clear that it is extremely interested in the subject.

This is not the first time that Valve has pursued the aspect of paid mods on Steam. A couple of years back, it launched the feature for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Workshop. However, in the wake of stern feedback and contreversy, the platform-owner was forced to remove the payment option just a few days after.

Back then, Valve admitted that it was unable to fully understand its motives but assured that it was only working in the best interests of community creators.

What went wrong was Valve overlooking the fact that majority of Skrim mods have already been available on third-party websites for free for years. Valve entering to lock the most popular ones behind a pay-wall didn’t sit well with the community. Additionally, many scam artists saw it as an opportunity to take ownership of the work of others and upload their mods on Steam to make a quick profit.

Two years after, Valve is still determined to follow the dream of helping mod creators earn. Perhaps the developer has finally found a way to do that.