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Nintendo Switch’s Chipset Is Very Close To Tegra X1 Chip, Confirms ARM

Update: ARM has deleted the Facebook post that previously confirmed Nintendo Switch’s chipset to be very close to Tegra X1 chip.  ARM denied that it was not an official statement. This was confirmed by Andrew from

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Previously, we covered the official specification of Nintendo Switch from its official website. The website listed a customized Nvidia Tegra processor as a GPU for Nintendo Switch. However, With Nvidia working on its Pascal architecture, it was assumed that Nintendo Switch will get a customized chip to do the heavy graphic workload.

Tegra X1 chip

Since then, no official word is given about Nintendo Switch’s GPU specs. Apparently, ARM recently said in a Facebook post that Nvidia Tegra X1 chip is being used in Switch’s GPU. ARM Supplied the Cortex CPUs used in Nvidia’s Chipsets.

Tegra X1 chip is previously also used in Nvidia Shield Android TV, which is old and this means that the hardware of Switch is basically based on Nvidia’s older Maxwell- architecture. The latest architecture of Nvidia is its Pascal architecture. Although, both architectures share similarities but the latest software support for Pascal will be completely missed out in Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch, Tegra X1, Chipset, Confirms ARM, Tegra X1 chip

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As for the specs, Nintendo did not reveal much other than its storage, display, and battery timing. According to Nintendo, the console will have a 32 GB internal storage which can be expanded with a microSDXC card. These microSDXC cartridges will be called “Game Cards”.

The handheld will use a 6.2-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 and the screen will be multi-touch capacitive.

As for the accessories, Pro Controller will be available for $70, Joy con will be available for $80. The detachable controllers will be available for $50 each, while the Joy con charging grip for $30 and an extra dock for $90.