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Overwatch Roster of Team SoloMid Remains in Shambles

Call it momentary setbacks or a prevailing curse, but Team SoloMid is finding it incredibly difficult to lock down a suitable Overwatch roster.

With prevailing interest to increase its representation, the North American esports organization picked up its first-ever Overwatch team in September last year. However, in the wake of allegations of prior cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team SoloMid was forced to wash its hands by selling the roster to CompLexity Gaming after just two weeks.

Not to be deterred by the unprecedented events, Team SoloMid tried again in December by reportedly signing the lineup of Kungarna. At the time, the players were considered to be some of the best free agents available in the competitive market that were not signed by any major organization.

While an official announcement for the new acquisition was expected to arrive in January, the troubles for Team SoloMid were far from over.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Alex “Ajax” Jackson revealed that he has been dropped by Team SoloMid over a racist tweet made three months ago. While he deleted the post soon after, it wasn’t before someone had taken a screenshot which was forwarded to the management recently.

“To all the TSM fans out there, I apologize because I let the fans down and they didn’t even know it yet,” he said. “All the puzzle pieces now are unlikely to fit together, who knows I could be wrong. I’ll probably be flying home within the next week or so and now looking for a new team.”

Ajax also confirmed that Team SoloMid was originally interested in signing the entire lineup of Kungarna but had to settle with just three members because both Andrej “babybay” Francisty and Michael “mykL” Padilla had prior cheating allegations.

With Ajax being dropped, the Overwatch roster of Team SoloMid is down to just Connor “ConnorJ” Johnson and Taylor “b1am” Forrest. Even their fates are currently unknown. With the Overwatch Winter Premier finals on the horizon, we’ll see if Team SoloMid is able to finalize its roster in time.

Andy “Reginald” Dinh, owner of Team SoloMid, has reiterated at numerous points that he will always base his decisions on protecting the TSM brand’s legacy.