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Nioh Walkthrough – The Demon of Mount Hiei, The White Tiger Boss Tips

This Nioh Walkthrough will guide you through The Demon of Mount Hiei mission and will help you how to get across this mission safely and how to defeat the White Tiger at the end of this mission so you can progress ahead in the game.

The Demon of Mount Hiei mission Nioh is a pretty straight forward one but also a treacherous one too as enemies are lurking behind corners and in some cases you will have to backtrack your steps in or to proceed ahead with the story.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Demon of Mount Hiei

In this Nioh walkthrough we will guide you how and where to go, to make your way to the White Tiger Boss fight and what is the best way to defeat The White Tigger.

The Demon of Mount Hiei

As the mission begins you find a shrine in the immediate location, rest here and go straight ahead from it. Go to the left and destroy the black crystal and go up the stairs and kill the 2 dweller enemies. Then go down the stone steps and destroy the crystal cluster and go through and enter the hut and take the ladder down.

Go down the hall and continue down the tunnel, at the junction you will encounter a dweller to the right. Defeat it and take the left at the T and defeat the enemy that pops up. Continue on and on your left open the door to come to an open chamber.

In this room you will find a group of worshipers around a structure, these cast ranged attacks to take them on one-by-one. Defeat them and destroy the magical construct in the center.

Exit the chamber and go back to the T and take the opposite route and you will find a ladder that will take up in a house, clear the house and come back and you will find that things have changed. Now return to the nearby structure and you will find an enemy feigning dead at the top of a short set of steps.

Opposite of the steps there will be a path leading up, so take it and you will find dweller. Beyond it, to the right, these will be a black crystal you need to destroy. Destroy it and go through it and you will find a shrine here.

Head down the steps and go right and you will come to an area with a two-story structure and a Yokai shadow mist ahead. You can either challenge this Yokai but it packs a mean punch or just proceed ahead down the steps.

You will come to an area with a fiend yokai to the left and one of the tongue yokai straight ahead who is guarding a large crystal. It would be a good idea to split them up and take them on one-by-one. To the right at the bottom of the steps, there will be a black crystal, destroy it.

Open the double doors you find ahead to proceed to the next area. A Yokai fiend with crystals and an axe will be patrolling another central crystal structure. Defeat it and destroy the crystals.

Exit the room and go straight ahead in the tunnel and to the right, you will find an enemy. Proceed ahead into a room where you will find two enemies waiting for you, defeat them and exit the room and take a left up the path to come back to the surface and a Shrine.

From the shrine head straight through the high doorway head up the steps on the home and follow the narrow porch to the right around the corner.

Drop down the keep heading ahead on this path and take out the archer and continue ahead. Continue up the path to come to a shaft with a ladder down. Instead, go right up the path and beyond it will be an axe-wielding enemy.

Continue to the top of the path and go left. Head up the long stairs and open the double doors to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene has played out, you will have triggered the White Tiger Boss Fight.

White Tiger Boss Fight

This is one of the simplest boss battles in Nioh. The White Tiger is very aggressive and agile so light armor and low stance is recommended.

You need to attack his sides often and always try to stay close if you’ve enough Ki. As soon as you sense something is about to happen, dodge to either side to be on a safe side. Alternatively, you can block if you have enough Ki to land an attack afterward.

The biggest opportunity to land a hefty damage to the White Tiger is when it decides to execute a beam attack which leaves it vulnerable for a massive amount of damage.

Go all in or use your Guardian Spirit to defeat it in no time. The key to defeating the White Tiger is to use its aggressiveness against it. Repeat these steps until you have defeated the White Tiger.

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