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Mass Effect Andromeda Sidequests Are Inspired By The Witcher and Are Meaningful

Producer Fabrice Condominas has talked about the game during a chat with PC Gamer, as he said that Mass Effect Andromeda Sidequests will be as meaningful as The Witcher’s ones.

He said that they are approaching the completionist aspect in a very different way since they’ve learned a lot from Dragon Age Inquisition. But the team has also been observing what the other games (like the Witcher) have been doing and that’s how they have then decided that Mass Effect Andromeda sidequests would have been meaningful.

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EA has had a meeting with the investors in the past days, and they’ve discussed Mass Effect Andromeda sales. What we know is that the company is confident about this question and they are expecting to sell over 3 million copies in the first week of launch.

This game won’t feature cross-play between different platforms, and it will be p2p. That’s what producer Fernando Melo has recently said:

@tibermoon is there any chance the mp will be crossplay with PC/Xbox or PC/PS4? Also really hoping for dedicated servers.

— Jeremy (@Tinkham11) January 27, 2017

@tibermoon@Tinkham11 crossplay not in the current plans, sorry. and mp is peer to peer (same as me3)

— Fernando Melo (@DiscoBabaloo) January 27, 2017

Maybe Mass Effect Andromeda will release for Project Scorpio too (even if the company is not quite sure about it at the moment), but they have absolutely no plans for a Nintendo Switch version.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action RPG by BioWare that will launch on March 21, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.