Project Cars 2 Gameplay Revealed In New Video

Project Cars was a surprise hit when it launched in 2015 and now Slightly Mad Studios has announced the sequel to the game. The studio has been working on Project Cars 2 for quite some time and now first gameplay footage for the game has been revealed.

The gameplay footage for Project Cars 2 comes from a youtube channel, Grizwords, who recently got to play the game on PC for themselves. Judging from the gameplay footage, Slightly Mad Studios has significantly improved the game in terms of sound design, smoothness of graphics and AI.

Project Cars 2 is in development for PC and current gen consoles, however, there has been a talk among the gaming community that whether or not the game would come to Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid console, Nintendo Switch.

According to creative director Andy Tudor, Project Cars 2 will not be coming to Nintendo Switch. He stated that he doesn’t want to tease people with false promises and, just like what happened with the Wii U, it would be very hard to adapt the game to the console’s specs.

So talking about Nintendo Switch, I can say probably that Project CARS franchise will not be coming to Nintendo Switch currently.

That’s a shame, it would be cool to take it on the go.

Similar to the Wii U, it looks amazing. I’ve held it in my hands, and the concept of taking it on the go, yeah, I totally agree: we’re all gadget freaks, so we kind of want to, but equally I just don’t think it’s going to be possible.

Project Cars 2 will feature more tracks, modes, and cars, along with co-op career, rally crossing, and hill climbs compared to the first game. In addition to that, the game will support resolution up to 12K.

Project Cars 2 is a racing simulator video game in development at Slightly Mad Studios and will launch sometime in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaiton 4.