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Overwatch Still Not Done With Roadhog, More Changes Inbound

Blizzard is still not content with the current form of Roadhog in Overwatch. Further changes are being finalized to release for the sturdy tank soon.

Posting on the official forums, principal designer Geoff Goodman revealed that the bullet-spread from the Scrap Gun is being decreased. This should have Roadhog blasting targets in close-quarters with ease when not relying on his hook.

To balance the change, Blizzard is increasing the pull-distance and cooldown on the Chain Hook. Targets will now be pulled to a location further from Roadhog than before.

The Overwatch patch from last month brought significant improvements for Roadhog. Bugs in the code in relation to his Chain Hook were squashed, removing any randomness to pulling enemy players.

His popularity soared soon after, with many voicing concerns that it was a bit too easy to secure kills with Roadhog, despite him being a high-skill hero to learn in the first place. Apparently, Blizzard was monitoring the recent changes and came to the same conclusion.


  • Scrap Gun: Spread decreased by 20 percent
  • Chain Hook: Targets are now pulled to a location 3.5 meters away, up from 2 meters.
  • Chain Hook: Cooldown increased from 6 to 8

The latest Overwatch PTR build also features an important change for Winston. The genetically engineered gorilla is having his head-size reduced to counter critical hits.

Being the game’s most mobile tank is only of use if you can survive for long periods of time. At present, Winston’s large critical hit-box is an open invitation for enemy players. He takes more damage than he should otherwise. This changes with the next patch.


  • Critical hit volume reduced by 15 percent