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Nioh Update 1.02 Is Ready To Be Downloaded On PS4, Fixes Some Bugs

Koei Tecmo has released a fresh new update for Nioh on PS4: Nioh Update 1.02. According to the patch notes this update basically fixes “Various Bugs”, so we assume it’s a minor one. No more information has been shared about it.

Have you experienced some changes after installing Nioh Update 1.02?

Just tell us in the comments below!

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Even if Nioh is a single player game, it features a co-op mode to help players defeat a difficult boss. Its demo allowed players to co-op anytime, so users expected to play the entire game in co-op with friends, but they were disappointed when discovering they can’t.

However, there’s a good reason behind this choice according to Tom Lee, creative director at Team Ninja.

You cannot co-op through the entire game because that would make it too easy for everyone to finish the game. We want players to experience Nioh in the way it was intended to be. We allowed players to co-op anytime in the last demo simply because of the limited stages and time to try out the demo.

Nioh is an action RPG developed by Team Ninja for PS4. It is considered a harder version of the Souls game, with better focus on skills.