New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers Show Off The World’s Mechanical Beasts

A pair of new Horizon Zero Dawn trailers have shown off two of the threats that you’ll be facing as Aloy in Guerrilla Games’s new open-world adventure game. In the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, most animals have been replaced by machines, many of which are dangerous, such as the ones in the videos.

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Called the Thunderjaw and the Snapmaw, these two creatures each have their own unique and deadly abilities that will kill Aloy if you’re not careful. Each of the trailers give the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw all the information you’ll want to know about them: what kind of terrain they’re likely to inhabit, how strong Aloy would have to be to beat them, and the weapons and moves that they can use to fight against Aloy if she should make them angry.

First, we have the Thunderjaw. Most recongizable as the robot that Aloy fights in the game’s E3 2014 announcement trailer, the Thunderjaw doesn’t really have a set preferred habitat but does like to stick to open plains. Armed with machine guns, disc launchers, and a mouth laser, along with a number of melee attacks, the Thunderjaw can also pinpoint Aloy’s location with a radar pulse.

The Snapmaw in the second of the new Horizon Zero Dawn trailers is smaller and weaker than the Thunderjaw, but no less dangerous. Making its home around the water, it’s armed with an icy Freeze Burst weapon, along with using its teeth, claws, and tail as melee weapons.

Both of these creatures each have their own vulnerabilities, whether it’s a weak spot or even using their own weapons against them, which Aloy will have to pinpoint if she wants to have a chance at stopping them. Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming out exclusively on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro on February 28 for North America, and March 1 for Europe.