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Intel Optane SSD Specs Revealed, 3D XPoint, P4800X Series, 375GB Drive

The upcoming Intel Optane SSD is supposed to be the next big thing when it comes to storage and we did not know much about this product until now. Intel has revealed some details about the Intel Optane SSD and we are going to check them out here.

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The Intel Optane SSD in question here is a collaboration between Micron and Intel. The SSD is a 375 GB drive that is supposed to have lightning fast read and write times. To be specific the Intel Optane SSD has read/write speeds of 2400MB/s and 2000MB/s. Looking at the numbers it is safe to say that it will be up against the Samsung’s 960 Pro SSD.

Some things of vital importance are still not known at this point and one of those things are whether or not the Intel Optane SSD can deliver ideal performance when queue depth is 1. That is something we will need to find out and I am sure Intel will be more open about the product in the coming days.

In order for this to be a great storage device, it will have to work well at both high queue depths and low. One thing to note here is that these storage devices are meant for date centers and not for the average consumer. That is why these have a very steep price tag and it is highly unlikely that you will be seeing one of these even in enthusiast-grade systems.

From what we have seen so far the Intel Optane SSD is a great product with a lot of potential but we will have to see how corporations and business react to this product before we can make a remark of whether or not you should buy it. Again the price is going to be too high for the average consumer. Let us know what you think about the Intel Optane SSD.