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Can’t Wait To Show Wolfenstein Dev’s Next Game, Says Bethesda

Machine Games is known for developing the reboot of the popular FPS franchise, Wolfenstein. The studio was praised for successfully rebooting the franchise with Wolfenstein The New Order which was followed by a standalone expansion, Wolfenstein The Old Blood.

However, we have not heard from Machine Games since the Wolfenstein The Old Blood and we are positive that they are working on something and it is going to be great. Speaking during the latest Kinda Funny Gamescast, Bethesda’s marketing executive, Pete Hines, revealed that Machine Games is indeed working on something. He added that it’s “f—ing bananas” and he “can’t wait to show what it actually is”.

While Pete did not hint what the next project from Machine Games is, but the way he describes the game, we are positive that it is a Wolfenstein follow-up. Also, the sequel to the game was seemingly confirmed back in 2015 by a voice actor who voiced a character in the first game.

In an interview, Alicja Bachleda-Curus, who voiced the character of Anya in The New Order, said that “I’m still working on a computer game; I already did the first part, now we’re working on the second one, and it will take roughly two years”.

Also, Brian Bloom, the voice actor for everyone’s favorite part-Polish Nazi killer B. J. Blazkowicz, recently confirmed that a sequel is coming. Bloom hinted the existence of the game in an interview by bringing up a display that had appeared with the Bethesda conference that included a game called “New Colossus”.

So, we might be getting a sequel to the 2014’s Wolfenstein The New Order that Bethesda will most probably reveal during E3 2017.