Activision Says Call of Duty 2017 Is Taking The Series Back To Its Roots

Activision released a statement about the upcoming Call of Duty 2017 game, saying that it would be taking Call of Duty back to its roots when it releases later this year. Going by the developer cycle, this year’s Call of Duty will be developed by Sledgehammer Games before going back to Treyarch next year in 2018.

Call of Duty started out as a World War 2 game, to the point where many jokes were made about the series (even before Modern Warfare came out and the series became synonymous with having multiplayer filled with awful people and screeching children) and how World War 2 never ended in its universe so that they could keep releasing games.

The last game to take place in World War 2 was Call of Duty: World at War, which was a Treyarch game that came out in 2008.

If Call of Duty 2017 is going back to its roots, it will likely be going back to World War 2 or some period around there, though what exactly this all entails remains to be seen.

Sledgehammer Games has previously developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in cooperation with Infinity Ward before making Advanced Warfare in 2014, however the studio has never worked on a World War 2 game before, if the game is in fact going in that direction.

Call of Duty 2017 still hasn’t had any real details put out for it, the only inkling being a codename that might not even be correct, called “Stronghold.” However, we may not have to wait very long for a title, considering that normally Call of Duty games have their titles and reveal trailers unveiled in April or May, before they’re released in November.

Hopefully, considering the backlash that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare got, the Call of Duty Sledgehammer game for this year will actually get a good reception (especially since around the time Infinite Warfare was announced some people were wanting the series to stop going farther and farther into the future).