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Street Fighter V New Character To Be Revealed Tomorrow

According to the game’s official Twitter profile, a Street Fighter V New Character will be revealed tomorrow. It looks like this character uses ice as main power, and it will be interesting to know more about him/her.

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However, Street Fighter V is not doing as good as its predecessors, especially since it’s losing its active player-base at an alarming rate.

According to data released by V-League, over 75 percent of players stopped playing the game after the first ten/twelve matches. Also, a large portion of the people that were active after Street Fighter V release has dropped its controllers entirely.

“Street Fighter V is not building a community and doesn’t bring fresh blood,” said an official spokesperson to PVP Live. “That’s not good for business, or the players.”

Based on an illustrated chart provided by the data analyst firm, a huge number of players are currently ranked below Silver. About 60 percent of the game’s player-base stays in the Rookie tier while almost 40 percent is in Bronze.

But there’s more.

During a recent briefing with the investors, Capcom announced that Street Fighter V sales have reached 1.5 million as of December 31. And this is not that good for the game as it means that the game only sold close to 100,000 units in the last months, between May and December.

Will Capcom succeed in reviving this game? And what do you think of the teased Street Fighter V New Character?

Street Fighter V is a fighting game developed by Capcom for PS4, Windows and Linux.