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Samsung Battery Factory In China Catches Fire, No Injuries Reported

Samsung may want to tighten the regulation more and avoid any mishaps related specifically to battery, explosion or fire of its products. The recent incident involves catching of fire at Samsung’s battery plant in China.

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So far, no casualties or injuries have been reported after fire got extinguished at the factory. Reports describe that it was a minor fire at the Samsung SDI Co Ltd factory. The fire was caused by waste products containing faulty batteries. Samsung SDI spokesman Shin Yong-doo said:

The fire broke out not on the production line itself but in a part of the facility used for waste, including faulty batteries, most of the factory was running as normal.

Samsung has earned enough of bad PR already after the debacle of its Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery problems, last year. What else could go wrong? But, after the fire extinguished, things have been cleared that the problem was in the faulty battery section and lithium-ion battery in particular.

However, this reflects back the technology quality of Samsung’s lithium-ion battery.

Samsung needs to revamp their protocols and try to avoid any next accident related to battery and fire or explosion. They will no sooner be labeled infamous brand whose products explode, only if events like factory fire and Note 7 keep on happening.

Previously, the core flaw of Note 7 was in the battery structure design; third party investigation told that design is irrational; it is very easy for positive and negative to accumulate resulting in short circuit. Samsung has been aware of the reason for Note 7 explosion, but they avoided external details to public without knowing it for sure.