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PS4 Pro Boost Mode Tested, Increases Performance of Un-patched Games

A new video that has been released on YouTube from the DigitalFoundry YouTube channel discusses the new PS4 Pro Boost Mode, which is reputed to be increasing the framerate for games on the Playstation 4 Pro that haven’t had a patch made for them that will be increasing the visuals too.

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The Boost Mode doesn’t necessarily increase the quality of the visuals we’ll be seeing in the game, meaning you won’t be seeing anything at 4K or higher. However, it does increase the framerate from around a 30 frames per second benchmark to around 42 frames per second.

While it’s not as high as it would be with the Playstation 4 Pro patch, the PS4 Pro Boost Mode framerate still brings the frame rate to be higher than it would on a regular Playstation 4.

How good a game will look on the Playstation 4 Pro with the PS4 Pro Boost Mode activated will be relying on two different things in the console: the GPU, and the CPU. Depending on the game, it appears that various sections of the GPU will be used at different times depending on what you use the Boost Mode on on the PS4 Pro.

There’s been a good bit of controversy over the Playstation 4 Pro lately for apparently not doing as advertised: a lot of games have apparently actually been running worse on the console than they did previously on the original Playstation 4, even if they’ve been ported to run properly. This is even in spite of how well the console has been selling.

Hopefully Playstation is working on fixing this, otherwise they might lose players to the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio, which promises the same 4K performance with a higher processing power and more.

If you want to see Digital Foundry’s YouTube video for yourself, the video is posted further up the article, so hopefully you can find it informative enough for your tastes.