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Nioh Nurikabe Locations Guide – How to Find All Illusory Walls

Nioh Nurikabe Locations Guide which are basically illusory walls from Dark Souls that has hidden secrets and rewards inside.

Nurikabe are Nioh’s version of Illusory Walls from Dark Souls but instead of just being walls that once hit, open up to reveal something inside, Nurikabe are actually yokai disguised as walls.

While not exactly difficult to fight these monsters, caution must be taken when engaging them since they are made of stone so weapon damage just isn’t that great on them.

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Nioh Nurikabe Locations Guide

This guide should help players completely forego the fighting part by the use of a gesture to open up the walls and access the treasure on the other end.

This guide is a work in progress so more locations will be added as we discover them.

Nurikabe Locations

The first Nurikabe is located in the Kyushu region during Deep in the Shadows mission which is the third main mission of the game.

To reach this wall, players need to pass the second Shrine until they reach a large chamber where they have to fight a mini-boss. There is also the option to summon a Revenant in this chamber so that should narrow things down.

Once in this chamber, players need to go along the walls of the chamber until they see the eyes of the Nurikabe light up. The wall should be next to a mushroom patch.

Opening this wall will reveal a Bandit Armor, Minoden Dual Tachi, Lightning Amulet and some crafting materials for the players to loot.

Players can either fight the Nurikabe or use a gesture to pass through the wall. The Revenant symbols near every Nurikabe holds clues to which gestures should not be used. In this case, players need to use a blue colored gesture and it doesn’t matter which gesture they use it just can’t be yellow or red.

Each Yurikabe wall has two tries in which players need to guess the right gesture so it is best to look around a bit first before attempting to open the wall, if players aren’t in the mood of fighting.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Nurikabe Locations Guide. If there’s anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!