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Nintendo Switch Controllers Backwards Compatibility Could Happen in Future

According to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo Switch controllers backwards compatibility may be happening when the Switch comes out, and if implemented will allow Wii U Pro controllers to work on the Switch, though nothing has specifically been considered yet, and even then Nintendo may not want it in favor of the Joy-Cons.

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Currently, the Nintendo Switch isn’t backwards compatible for games that were on the Wii U yet, the Switch is more powerful than the Wii U and thus games from the Wii U can actually be ported over to the Switch.

This is actually happening already, as Nintendo plans to port things like Splatoon over from the Wii U, along with a number of other Nintendo Wii U games.

Nintendo Switch controllers backwards compatibility, however, is another matter; currently the Switch can’t work with older Nintendo controllers, meaning that the Wii U Pro controller won’t work with it.

As we said above, Nintendo may not even want a Wii U Pro controller or any similar controller to run on the Switch, especially since the Nintendo Switch appears to rely greatly on the Joy-Con controllers, the vibrating feedback that they provide, and more.

While people may feel more comfortable with a Wii U Pro controller (especially over the rather awkward Wii U gamepad that was the first real way to play the console), Nintendo may be thinking more motion-based controllers like the original Wii motion controllers, or other controllers that will be useful with the console’s motion-based gameplay, such as 1-2-Switch, the launch title that’s going to be making heavy use of the Joy-Con controllers.

The Nintendo Switch will be releasing on March 3 worldwide, so it might be at least a few months after the console actually releases before Nintendo announces whether the Nintendo Switch controllers backwards compatibility is going to be a thing.