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Modern Warfare Remastered New Content Detailed, Special Kits, Weapons and More

Modern Warfare Remastered Update 1.08 is once again reassuring the community that Raven Software is committed to supporting the game. The latest update brings a number of different improvements and new content via the collection bounties.

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Raven Software is certainly not treating Modern Warfare Remastered as a glorified add-on for Infinite Warfare. Here are the patch notes for Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.08:

This Sniper Class Weapon Kit gives your sniper rifles the field-ready look of a working class weapon. For example, your sniper rifle can look camouflaged like a ghillie suit or covered in duct tape.

Bring a bit of the Old West to Modern Warfare with this Shotgun Class Weapon Kit. You’ll feel like a gunslinger when your shotguns have the look and feel of high-class weapons from Western Americana, complete with filigreed details and wood stocks.

If you like to get up close and personal, then the SMG is probably one of your workhorse weapons. The Battle-Scarred Weapon Kit will make your weapons look like they have been through many a firefight, scars and all.

The Czar Weapon Kit provides the look of pure gold to your LMGs, putting the bling in your loadout and onto the field of battle. These golden guns are over the top, flashy, and deadly as ever.

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Following are the new weapons added via update 1.08, Raven has asked the community to provide feedback so they can improve and better adjust these weapons.

This is a fully-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun of Russian origin, and features an 8-round detachable box magazine.

This fully automatic assault rifle comes from the European theater, and utilizes 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges in a 30-round detachable box.

.44 Magnum
This is the classic .44 Magnum six-round revolver, featuring a stylized military grip and signature long barrel.

Modern Warfare update 1.08 also comes with a range of different bug fixes and improvements. Here’s what you are getting in the bug crushing department.


Reduced size of total MWR package from 75GB to ~60GB (Xbox One only)
Spawn improvements
Collateral Damage fix
C4 will now stick to Helicopters
Environmental and Melee Kill Stats will no longer reset on Prestige
Melee Weapon crosshairs will change color when over an enemy that is in range of a melee attack
Still give match bonus if the other player quits Cage Match
Show Rank on Gun Game Scoreboard
Virtual Lobby optimization

Bug Fixes

Fixed collision in Ambush tunnel
Fixed issues with Kill Cam/Streaming
Fixed Streaming issues relating to invisible weapons
Fixed issues with Melee Weapons on ladders causing weapons to disappear
Fixed issues with Exclusion Zone Weapon Camo appearing incorrectly
Fixed issues with Clan Tag resetting unexpectedly
Fixed issues where killstreak activation could stop functioning
Fixed missing visuals of one Hardpoint neutral zone in Strike
Fixed sometimes seeing the blur too early when going to ADS with a Sniper Rifle
Fixed ADS sometimes not stopping weapon inspection
Fixed issues with ADS Toggle control schemes not being able to throw C4
Fixed various issues with Character visuals in the Virtual Lobby
Fixed the “Extreme Speed” Challenge to track through death and rounds

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition.

Source: Activision