E3 2017 Will Be Opening Its Doors To The Public For The First Time Ever

In a rather surprising move, E3 2017 won’t be an exclusively press event now. The convention has announced that it will be opening its doors to 15,000 people when it begins this summer. The rules had been loosening up for the past few years, with multiple influential Let’s Players, bloggers, and other influential internet personalities.

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However, this isn’t the only reason that regular people are now being allowed to enter the conference; E3 has been facing decreasing exhibitor revenue for the past few years, after major conference-holders refused to have big fancy show floors and instead decided to hold their own conferences and announcement events like EA and Activision.

However, if you want to be one of those lucky 15,000 people, you’ll have to have several hundred dollars on hand in order to buy a ticket when they go on sale next Monday. The ticket will cost 250 dollars, but for news conferences that show off some of the biggest games that industry giants are going to be working on for the next few years, it will be worth it to a lot of people.

All the same, E3 2017 is far more expensive in tickets than Gamescom in Europe. There, the highest-priced day ticket that players will have to buy is only around 20 euros, pocket change compared to an E3 ticket here.

Otherwise, gamers and bloggers can apply for a press pass to get into the E3 event for free as an “influencer”, allowing companies like IGN, Rooster Teeth, Polygon, and more to get in the event for free to get their hands on all of the latest games.

If you’re willing to pay $250 and travel to Los Angeles this summer in order to head to E3 2017, just be on the lookout for the tickets on February 13, and for the event on June 13 to 15.