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Diver Class Update Teased for League of Legends, Will Feature Aatrox Rework

The only reason the League of Legends community waits in anticipation for an Aatrox rework is because the champion lost purpose on the Rift a long time ago.

Aatrox is possibly the worst champion to play with in the game right now, as is evident from his 0.7 percent pick-rate in the current patch. The Darkin Blade’s fall is credited to various bugs, but mostly to an obsolete kit that pales in comparison to other champions in the specific role. There is nothing that Aatrox brings to the table that can be deemed as unique or beneficial in competitive scenarios.

For the longest of time, the League of Legends community has been wondering when Riot Games will reveal details about a possible Aatrox rework. No mere changes or tweaks will help the champion find his identity. Even the developer has mentioned at various points that the only solution is a complete Aatrox rework.

Responding to a thread this week, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler teased that the Aatrox rework will be part of the Diver Class Update. This is the first time that Riot Games has mentioned an update for the specific class. Apparently, Aatrox will not be alone in receiving a kit-overhaul.

“We’ll almost certainly do an Aatrox update when we do a diver class update,” he wrote. “Would like to find some small stuff to improve him in the meantime. We’ve been testing some stuff though and haven’t yet found a set of changes we think would make him healthier and feel like an improvement to Aatrox players.”

Divers fall under the Fighter class category. They are extremely mobile and excel in singling out high-priority targets. In a chaotic fight scenario, a team must quickly decide between shifting focus on the advancing enemy line or reposition itself to take care of the diver in their midst.

Besides Aatrox, other champions labelled as divers include Vi, Xin Zhao, Diana, Hecarim, Irelia, Kled, and more.

Currently, Riot Games is working on a Tank Class Update that will give champions falling under Vanguards more to do in fights. The update is confirmed to arrive later this year, leaving us to speculate that the Diver Class Update is more or less planned to arrive sometime next year.

That means that players must continue to wait for the eluding Aatrox rework. To make life a bit easier for the champion, Riot Games has promised to release a few buffs in the future that will act as life-support until the major rework can be released.