AMD Ryzen Will Not Completely Support Windows 7, Who Is To Blame?

Intel Kaby Lake CPUs only support Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and people were looking to AMD in order to save the day.

One of the cool things about AMD Ryzen was the confirmation from partners that it would support Windows 7. Even though that is still the case we are not getting reports that Windows 7 will not be getting full support. Only Windows 10 will be getting full support with AMD Ryzen.

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What does this mean? This means that if you do go for Windows 7 with your Ryzen powered computer then you might encounter some bugs. If that is the case then there will be no fix for that and you will either have to endure the pain or upgrade to Windows 10.

That are the only options that you have. Unless you do nothing besides browsing the web and watching movies you will have no other option than to upgrade to Windows 10.

AMD Ryzen

I find it hard to imagine why someone would still use the previous versions of Windows when they are no longer supported. It is a pity that older generation operating systems are being treated as such. I think it is time to give in and switch to Windows 10 after all. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into getting people onto the new operating system.

Although AMD is partly to blame here but I think the major blame goes to Microsoft as it has stopped supporting previous operating systems. Windows 7 will not be getting mainstream support and that is something not everyone is happy about. But it does mean that the company will be able to work on other things.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen chips not supporting Windows 7 completely. let us know whether or not you are affected by this and if you are considering switching to Windows 10.