Overwatch Highlight Saving Feature Still in Development, No ETA in Sight

It’s been eight months since Blizzard announced that it was working on an in-game Overwatch highlight saving feature for the community.

Earlier today, game director Jeff Kaplan jumped into a related thread on the official forums to confirm that Blizzard is still working on the said feature.

He further added that while “significant progress” has been made since the original announcement, it’s too soon to provide a release date for the public. As such, more information will be provided once the feature nears completion.

A native recording functionality is crucial for any online multiplayer game, and especially for a title like Overwatch that is trying to establish itself within competitive circles. A replay system and the ability to save highlights are two of the most requested features by the Overwatch community.

Last August, Blizzard confirmed that the Overwatch highlight saving feature is a step towards the replay system. Hence, the ability to save the “Play of the Game” will arrive before the ability to record an entire match.

At present, players are resorting to several third-party tools and software to satisfy their recording needs. None of these are officially recognized by Blizzard, which opens everyone to the possibility of malware attacks or worse. Additionally, such tools and software will always fall in terms of stability. Hence, an in-game saving feature couldn’t come sooner for Overwatch.

It’s almost bizarre that Blizzard chose to release Overwatch without any such recording functionality. Seeing how the game features highlights, it was always a certainty that players would want to save and share their plays.

At the very least, Blizzard has assured everyone that it is working to make that feature a reality. Hopefully, this won’t turn out like League of Legends which received its native replay system from Riot Games seven years after release.