Nioh Walkthrough – The Spirit Stone Slumbers, Nue Boss Fight, Tachibana Muneshige Boss Fight

By   /   Feb 8, 2017
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Nioh Walkthrough will guide you through the fourth mission of the game in Kyushu Region, The Spirit Stone Slumbers and will help you with Nue Boss Fight and Tachibana Muneshige Boss Fight.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Spirit Stone Slumbers

The Courtyard
After the cutscene for the fourth mission in Nioh is done you will start in the courtyard, on the left, there will be a shrine get over there, rest, and prepare for the journey ahead. Once you have rested at the shrine you will see an enemy with a sword just ahead of you, take him out and move ahead.

You will see two more enemies sitting, approach them carefully as they will instantly jump on you to battle. Take care of them and proceed through the bridge. There will be another bridge once you have crossed the first bridge, go there and reveal a Yokai.

Kill the Yokai and make your way to the left to go to the next area. In the next area, you will have to battle two Ninjas. Try and take them on one at a time as they are very fast and deadly. Once these Ninjas are taken care of, go inside the house where you will encounter another Ninja.

Once you have defeated this Ninja make your way back outside to the area with a group of houses in a courtyard. You will find a few Yokai in the courtyard so be careful and take them on one-by-one. Yokai are vulnerable to fire so try to use the weapons that cause burn damage.

After defeating the Yokai you will see a shrine to the left. Rest over this shrine and prepare yourself to face the Nue. Once you have rested make your way past the houses until you see two large steel doors on your left. In this room, you will find Nue.

Nue Boss Fight
Nue is a challenging boss that resembles a giant electric dog. Like many bosses in the game, the key to defeat Nue is to dodge and strike in the small attack window. Nue has various attacks and many make use of the lightning.

He can also spit lightning from his mouth, summon a ball of lightning that will follow you around in the area or roll at you. When Nue rolls, dodge out of his way and then go in for a couple of strikes. Usually, you will be able to strike him three times and then back-off.

Do not attack Nue until he rolls at you as he will be vulnerable for a few seconds once it rolls. This is when you will be able to attack him with minimum risk of death. When Nue has taken enough damage, it will start to spray poison at you. While the poison attack is easy to dodge but you need to be close to Nue. Once he is done spraying poison at you, you will get a chance to land a few strikes at him. Just repeat these steps until you have defeated Nue.

The Courtyard Continued
Once you have defeated Nue, make your way through the double red doors straight ahead from the entrance where you will find Fuku, go ahead and talk to her. Once the conversation is done, open the other set of doors and get inside the elevator. Take the elevator down and you will find a shrine on the left.

After resting at the shrine, make your way through the doorway on your left then go upstairs and into the chamber. You will find several enemies in the chamber so take them out one by one and make your way forward.

Now take a right and you will see enemies that will shoot flaming arrows at you and here you will encounter the Stone Warrior. The Stone Warrior is very strong but it has a weakness which is the slow movement. Dodge its attack and get behind him to land a few strikes.

After defeating The Stone Warrior make your way up the short stairs and follow the passage ahead. you will emerge in a next chamber where you will find an Oni Head floating in front of a chest. Defeat the head and loot the chest then make your way down the stairs and rest at the shrine.

After resting at the shrine take the immediate left staircase down to the next area. You will face two Stone Warriors in this area. Once they are dealt with go the opposite way of the double doors.

Now make your way upstairs into the next room and go left along the wall and go in the middle section of the wall. There you will find an option to remove a talisman. Remove the talisman and a shortcut will open, head through the shortcut and into the next chamber.

From here head down the stairs and into the next area. Here you will face off against two Stone Warriors once they are done head to the next area.

After defeating the two Stone Warriors you will see a Floating Demon Head in the next room. Defeat the Floating Demon head and make your way through the next passageway. Straight ahead there will be a doorway in which you can release the bolts. Release the bolts and go back towards the stairwell.

At the top of the stairwell, you will find a lantern with a prompt that reads “Shade Eyes”. Interact with it to release it to power on the doors. Drop down and you will find another shrine next to the double doors. Open the doors and proceed to the next area.

Once you are in the next chamber head towards the closed doors and open them. Drop down and you will find a shrine and Tachibana Ginchiyo, talk to her and put your hands in the lantern together.

Go through the doors and kill the enemy guarding the doorway. From here go down the stairs where you will find another set of lanterns and a closed door. A cutscene will play and immediately after that Tachibana Muneshige boss fight will commence.

Tachibana Muneshige Boss Fight
To defeat Tachibana Muneshige you need to keep your distance. While it is possible to parry his normal attacks but you will be in a constant danger if you are close to him. He also has a variety of attacks one of them is a dashing attack. When he dashes roll towards him and immediately start attacking his back.

You will get a maximum of two hits before you need to back off. Once his health is dropped to half he will apply poison to its weapon. He will also begin to summon spirits to help him. One thing is very important that during the entire battle you do not need to be close to him, except when he dashes at you.

Every time he dashes, roll towards him, get a couple of attacks and immediately dash backward. Also, keep your eye on Tachibana Muneshige’s Ki bar. If the Ki is low then get aggressive so you can get a critical hit on him.

Repeat these steps and you will defeat Tachibana Muneshige, then a cutscene will play and you will be teleported to the next area.

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