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Using Nvidia Tegra For Nintendo Switch Was A Top Priority, Says Nintendo Tech Head

There have been a lot of discussion over Nintendo Switch ever since it was announced that it would be using the Nvidia Tegra processor. While Nintendo has not revealed the detailed specs for its console but the company has revealed that why it chose Nvidia’s technology over other’s.

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Speaking during a recent investors Q&A session, Nintendo technology head, Genyo Takeda, explained that PC is a major gaming device and Nvidia has played an important role in that and the reason they chose Nvidia for Nintendo Switch was to bring PC-like high-performance for the console with minimum power consumption.

The PC has been a major gaming device, especially outside of Japan, and my top priority in the development of the Nintendo Switch hardware was to bring NVIDIAʼs GeForce, which has played a key role in realizing high-performance graphics for PC gaming, to our hardware with low power consumption.

He also added that Nintendo Switch uses a custom-built Nvidia Tegra Processor, and it was a top priority for the company.

Nintendo has a lot of third-party publisher and developer support, however, not everyone is convinced that Nintendo made a good choice with Switch. But, according to developer Frozenbyte, Nintendo Switch is a well thought console.

It’s been great! We are launching Has-Been Heroes on March 28th so during the console’s launch month which is always exciting! Development has been smooth with little to no hiccups, everything with the Switch seems to have been very well thought out from a developer perspective.

3DS is one of the most successful handhelds for Nintendo and with the Switch announced many are speculating that 3DS will be overshadowed as Nintendo will be focused on its upcoming console. However, Nintendo has clarified that both console can co-exist.

Nintendo Switch will be available on March 3, 2017, and will be priced at $299.99 in the US.