A New Version Of Denuvo Is Ready To Be Released, Will It Work?

The company has announced that a new version of Denuvo is ready to be released. Latest version of this anti-Tamper technology wasn’t this good as a lot of games have been cracked. So the team has tried to fix this.

Funcom’s famous open-world survival game called Conan Exiles has been easily cracked in one day after a recent update has it accidentally removed Denuvo.

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Even Resident Evil 7 has been cracked in its first week of launch.

Denuvo marketing director Thomas Goebl talked about the question during a recent interview with Eurogamer, as he said that Denuvo DRM is hard to crack not impossible to crack.

Please note that we always say that our Anti-Tamper solution is hard to crack, not uncrackable. So far only one piracy group has been able to bypass it.

As always, we’ll keep working to improve our solution to create security updates for upcoming Anti-Tamper versions. We will do the same with the learning from this bypass. It’s correct that Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 was cracked some days after release. Given the fact that every unprotected title is cracked on the day of release – as well as every update of games – our solution made a difference for this title.

Now, Capcom may get rid of Denuvo because of its inefficiency and no more companies could be interested in this technology.

The only solution for the company is to release a new version of Denuvo that actually works.

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