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BioWare Releases Five Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Kits

BioWare has released a trio of Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits for fans to download and play around with as the release of the newest entry in the Mass Effect franchise comes closer and closer. The three kits include PeeBee, Liam, and Cora, three of the party members the game has announced.

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All five of the character kits (Scott and Sara Ryder are also a part of the batch) will be useful for people that want to use the characters as references for cosplay, art, or even just to goof around with.

The kits are composed of high-resolution screenshots of each of the three characters, giving them closeups on eyes, hair, clothing, weapons, and more. These three Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits aren’t the only ones that will be coming out, either. BioWare has said that as the game gets closer to release, more kits will be released of the other members of the main party.

The three characters that were shown in the kits have been some of the most publicized members of the Pathfinder team, as Liam Kosta and Cora Harper were both shown as members of the human Pathfinder team in a recent Andromeda Initiative video. PeeBee was one of the first party members we saw in the game, though she hasn’t gotten a profile in a trailer.

There are still at least two other members that need to get officially introduced to Mass Effect fans, in the form of Drack, a krogan, and Vetra, a female turian. While there may be more party members coming in the future, these are the ones we’re familiar with right now.

Whenever the next batch of Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits comes out, hopefully they’ll be just as high quality as the ones out right now. To get some of these character kits yourself, all you have to do is follow this link to the official BioWare blog that posted them.