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Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update Adds New Interesting Stuff

Microsoft and The Coalition have released today Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update, that adds new interesting stuff to the game.

This update introduces two new maps called Impact Dark and War Machine. Impact Dark is a remixed night version of the Impact map with less visibility.

Furthermore, Gears Of War 4 Valentine’s Day Update adds the Torque Bow Tag and the San Valentine’s Day event, that will start  February 10, 2017 giving players a chance to get new Gear Packs, daily rewards and a new craftable characters.

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However, it seems that Gears Of War 4 cross platform multiplayer will soon become a reality. It will be exclusive to unranked multiplayer play because of the differences in reaction times and framerates between PC and Xbox One, so your stats will stay untouched.

It’s not the solution players wanted, but it’s the fairest one. PC players could easily win against console players in ranked, and that’s not what The Coalition has in mind for these matches. The team, in fact, has stated that they want to make sure that ranked experiences are as closely matched as possible.
Well, it’s still cross play at least.

Are you going to play against your friends on console/PC?

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Gears Of War 4 is an FPS game developed by The Coalition for Xbox One and Windows 10. It’s the fourth installment in the main series and the first chapter of a new trilogy.