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Blizzard Introduces WoW Token, World Of Warcraft Gold Can Now Be Used For Overwatch And Hearthstone

Blizzard has recently changed the way World Of Warcraft Tokens work, as you can now use World Of Warcraft Gold to get Overwatch loot boxes and Hearthstone cards. These Tokens were introduced to give players a way to buy subscription time for World Of Warcraft gold and give others a good alternative to purchasing it from third-party websites.

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However, Blizzard likes to put easter eggs in their games and that’s why we have a lot of Diablo easter eggs in World Of Warcraft.

During Diablo’s 20th anniversary, some players have discovered a strange portal leading them to a new area full of cows to kill and a loot to be gained: the cow level. A lot of people have talked about it before, but it suddenly became reality thanks to Blizzard.

Youtuber Wowhead has posted a video showing this cow level and its secrets.

However, there has been massive demand for a console version of World Of Warcraft, but it seems Blizzard has other plans right now.

Blizzard’s Chadd Nervig talked about this question during a recent interview with Stevivor, Bclaiming that World Of Warcraft is designed for PC and it will stay PC exclusive.

World of Warcraft is designed, first and foremost, for PCs. That’s what we think of when we play this game, when we think of where the franchise is going. We don’t have any plans for a console version of WoW at the moment, but we are always considering multiple options. We have nothing to announce at the moment.

For more on how WOW Token will work, watch this video: