This Witcher Fan Film Is Probably The Closest To A Witcher Movie We’ll Get

A Witcher fan film has been posted onto YouTube, and while it’s not a big-budget fantasy action movie that a lot of Witcher fans might want, it’s still a fairly nice, good-quality fan film that even has a bit of official endorsement in the form of CD Projekt RED’s official Geralt cosplayer playing the lead role.

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The film is something that’s fairly common when it comes to fan films, mainly a recognizable character having one small, self-contained adventure that’s easy to film and produce. In this instance, the Witcher fan film consists of Geralt and the sorceress Triss Merigold in pursuit of an armored enemy, which Geralt duels with some fairly solid choreography while Triss provides backup with magic.

The production values in the film are also fairly good for a fan film, not just through the effects (which depending on the amount of money a production has may be good or bad) but also through a good portion of the camera work. At the same time, some people may be disappointed that it’s not really anything special when it comes to a series with as wide a range of enemies as The Witcher; the person they’re fighting doesn’t look like a member of the Wild Hunt or a vampire, or a Fleder or ghoul or any of the other wide varieties of monsters that Geralt normally fights and kills in his travels.

While this can mainly be put down for the fact that the fan film was made on a budget, with a small crew that likely didn’t know how to do the motion capture that would be required in order to make a fight against a monster work, it’s still disappointing for people that would be expecting a more creative fight involving Geralt and Triss that a fight against a human enemy.

If you want to see the Witcher fan film for yourself, you can find it above.