Possible New Hearthstone Expansion May Focus On Dinosaurs

A possible new Hearthstone expansion, titled “Lost Secrets of Un’Goro”, will be focusing on dinosaurs. The information came from the resume of Hearthstone voice actress Lani Minella, and many have taken it to be a new expansion that might be rolling around in two months when Hearthstone is due for its next big update.

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Hearthstone’s last big update, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, came out back in December of last year, after Whispers of the Old Gods. Whispers of the Old Gods also introduced the “Standard” and “Wild” sections of the game, where older cards are rotated out to keep the game fresh and to prevent old strategies from continuing to hold supremacy.

When the rotation rolls around, it’s likely that the expansions Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers, and Grand Tournament are going to be put into the “Wild” section of the game, out of the Standard location that has the newer cards.

While this means that the C’thun deck that can cause players so much frustration will continue existing on the Standard section of the game, it does mean that many of the previous Legendary and regular cards from League of Explorers, Grand Tournament, and Blackrock Mountain are going to be leaving the main rotation.

Five card names have been shown from the new Hearthstone expansion, in the forms of “Golakka Crawler”, “Pterodactyl”, “Anklesaur”, “Hydra”, and “Brontosaurus”. Un’Goro, the location named in the expansion’s title, is a location in the southern part of the World of Warcraft continent Kalimdor, which has a large number of creatures in it such as devilsaurs (the same species that the game’s King Krush is from), dinosaurs, and more.

While Blizzard is likely going to announce whatever the next big new Hearthstone expansion is possibly next month so that Hearthstone players to get ready, many players losing legendaries like Nepharian, Ragnaros the Firelord, Finnley Mrrglton, Reno Jackson, and more is going to shake up the meta something fierce.