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Playstation 4 Save Editor Coming From Japanese Software Developer

The Japanese developer Cyber Gadget is apparently making a Playstation 4 save editor to be released some time in the future, which will allow Playstation 4 owners to edit the memory inside their Playstation 4 in order to get more items, cash, and more goodies that you might want or need while playing a game.

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Save editors are something that’s hardly new among many video game systems, ranging from GameGenie to Action Replay and more that can all be downloaded in order to give you anything you might want in a game, whether it’s the best weapon in the game to a ton of cash.

The Playstation 4 save editor will be compatible with over eighty games upon its release, including brand-new releases such as Final Fantasy 15, Persona 5, and Gravity Rush 2, all of them RPG games where you might want more money to buy as many items as possible, or a huge ton of items without having to pay, which can be vital if you’re in the middle of something like a dungeon and don’t want to quit out for fear of losing all of your progress.

While this isn’t a problem in Persona, where nowadays players normally get a checkpoint at the start of every floor in a dungeon, other games that involve areas like that, such as Final Fantasy 15 dungeons that can be punishingly difficult in some areas and will require players to be very well-prepared before they actually try going in to try and clear the dungeon, facing off against a large number of bosses, powerful enemies, and more.

If you want to get your own hands on the Playstation 4 save editor, it will become available in Japan at sometime during March of this year. If you want to buy it, it will cost 70 US dollars (since it’s 7800 yen for one in Japan) or your regional equivalent.