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Phil Spencer “Confident” in the Way Project Scorpio Handles Xbox One Games

Project Scorpio has been the topic of hot debate among Microsoft fans in the past year or so. The machine is a mystery and constant rumors haven’t helped clear the fog. Microsoft will presumably show the new console at E3 2017 and that is where we are expecting to see our first native 4K demonstration.

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However, there is more to Project Scorpio then Native 4K gaming. The console is backward compatible with Xbox One games. According to Microsoft, the machine will run Xbox One games and if a recent statement from Phil Spencer is any indication, it may run Xbox One games better than the base model.

Leaked Project Scorpio Specs

  • Total Memory of 13 GB, with 12 GDDR5X shared and 1 GB DDR3 app and stand-by.
  • VEGA GPU (graphics) at 6.3 TFLOPS, 64 ROPS and 130 TMU, 950 Mhz, 64 ALU, GCN 4.0
  • CPU based on Ryzen technology customized by Microsoft
  • dedicated DSP audio chip and one for compression and decompression
  • SoC built in 14 nm
  • Global power (TF): 6.5 and 7 Teraflops

There are so many games out now on Xbox One and if Scorpio is fully BC and is able to run titles on at a better framerate and resolution, Project Scorpio could seriously take on PlayStation 5, which is expected to be released sometime in 2018 (presumably).

Microsoft has the opportunity to bring itself back in front so it needs to play its cards right. It won’t be surprising to see a delay for Scorpio as it would be wise to wait for Sony’s next move, PS5.