Nioh Walkthrough Guide Part-2 – Deserted Fishing Village, Onryoki Boss Battle

By   /   Feb 7, 2017
Nioh Walkthrough Guide Part-2

Nioh Walkthrough Part-2 Guide to help you complete the game’s second main missin in the Kyushu Region of Japan.

The second main mission of Nioh, Isle of Demons is the first real mission that takes place in the Kyushu Region of Japan. It is recommended that players don’t attempt this mission before reaching level 7 as enemies can be somewhat challenging and unlock of abilities such as Ki Pulse and Shrine menus is needed.

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Nioh Walkthrough Guide

In our Nioh Walkthrough Guide Part-2, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the game’s second main mission.

First Shrine

The moment players enter the area; they will be without the gear they acquired from their previous adventures. All that they will have in William’s inventory would be sailing clothes and 3 Elixir. Thankfully, there are numerous corpses nearby which can be looted for Amrita, the currency required to level up at Shrines.

As players inspect bodies on their way to the first Shrine, they will slowly acquire useful loot like weapons to fight. Upon reaching the Shrine and praying at it, the Kodama will give players a list of options which would include trading unwanted items for Amrita or swap out Guardian Spirit. If the players are connected to the internet at this time, they can also receive special items or summon other players to their game world.

A small grave near the Shrine can be looted for a Small Spirit Stone which can be broken down to gain Amrita. Since Amrita is lost when players die, it is best to keep these stones safe and break them when players are at a shrine and ready to level up.

Around the fishing village, players will have the opportunity to explore and find more loot from corpses or even breakable boxes. An Outlaw will be sitting near a large torch and will attack players as they get close. Once he is dead, players can loot his body for Amrita and Gold as well as loot the corpse that the Outlaw was checking out.

This body will give players Footsoldier Armor Do and Footsoldier Armor: Suneate. It is a good idea to equip this armor as players would still be running around in their sailing clothes which don’t provide protection.

In this area, players will also notice red swords on the ground which are actually graves of other players. Players can interact with these graves to summon their phantoms, known as Revenants, and duel with them. Winning the duel has a chance to reward players with the armor which the phantom was wearing when the player died.

Another Outlaw near the water’s edge can give players Footsoldier Armor Kote once defeated. After that, players need to move up the path to a house where two Outlaws are standing. Players can kill them both and then loot the nearby corpses for some Stone and Sacred Water.

Around the side of the house behind a large cart, players will find a frightened little Kodama with a black hat. Players can guide him back to the Shrine and when they pray at the shrine again, they will unlock the ability to receive a Kodama blessing.

The more Kodama players find of one type, the better the type of that blessing will be. There are a total of five types to choose from. This whole mission area has a total of 9 Kodama to find so players should try to find as many as possible as for every 5 Kodama players find; they will gain an additional Elixir.

Once players are back on the main village path, they will come upon a forked area. Going right heads deeper into town while going straight will take the players into the woods. A nearby body can be looted for 3 Signpost Talisman.

If players go right, they need to be careful of the Outlaws waiting to ambush them. A corpse by a tree that overlooks this path can be looted for a Spirit Stone while a nearby house has a chest filled with Small Spirit Stone, Footsoldier’s Spear and Footsoldier Armor Hizayoroi.

Going further will be really difficult as the manor ahead is well guarded although it does have some really nice loot such as a Horoku-dama and Omamori Charm.


If players take the main path to the forest, there will be an archer and a melee enemy waiting for them near the large fire. A path to the left can be used to sneak around them and reach the Kodama sitting on a ledge to the right. This path drops down and then from there players can turn around to find a Spirit Stone on a body stashed in an alcove. Some nearby statues are also hiding 2 Sacred Water.

Players need to move towards the cliffside and find the ladders there that can open up a permanent shortcut to the start of the forest path so access to the Shrine is easier.

Back on the forest path, players will encounter a Yokai who can build a Yokai realm around itself to regenerate Ki which the players must destroy by using Ki pulse at the right time. After defeating this, players will encounter two more Dwellers guarding a body with Antidote and Brawler’s Armor Kabuto. These antidotes can be useful to cure William from the poison of these Dwellers. Another Kodama will be behind a nearby tree.

Moving forward, players will come up on a ridge that overlooks the Manor they would encounter if they went on the path that lead to the right. An Outlaw will try to ambush players where with an ax but should be easily killed. A nearby dead body has some Arrows that can be picked up for ranged attacks. A small ledge below the players will have a dead body with Young Samurai’s Locks on it.

From this ridge, players can drop down to the manor and once inside the manor, they can take out the guards at the gate with ease by ambushing them from behind. It is advisable to clear all the sides of the exterior in order to avoid running intro patrols by accident. The loot from the front entrance will give players a Soshu-Den Dual Tachi.


Once inside the manor, players will enter a room with a strong Yokai Realm which will weaken them and summon a Fiend who deals a lot of damage. It is best to use the Living Weapon against it and dispatch it quickly, otherwise players will need to be constantly on their toes to dodge or block its attacks. Inside the house, players will also find a Key to Residence.

A shack on the right side of the manor has an Outlaw inside it trying to loot a chest. Players can kill him and loot the area for Warlord Armor Do, 2 Signpost Talisman, 2 Kayaku-dam, Brawler’s Armor Kote, Warmor Armor Kabuto and a Travel Amulet. Turning left from the nearby side gate will lead the players to another Kodama along the wall.

After this, players can open the main gate to enter a new portion of the town with a lot of enemies in the streets and on rooftops. If players move to rooftops here, they should stay away from loose tiles as stepping on those can cause them to fall inside the house and get attacked by Outlaws, making it difficult to navigate and fight in tight areas.

Continuing through this section, players will come up on a bridge that leads to another Yokai Realm and another Fiend fight. The fiend can be tricked into stepping on one of those loose tiles and falling inside a house. That way, players can use a drop attack on him to deal massive damage.

Once the fiend has been dealt with, players can take a ladder to drop down and reach the other side of the fiery path blocking their route. On the other side, a Dweller will be patrolling the area and needs to be killed before players make their way up towards the first blocked path which leads to a Shrine to save their location. A nearby body can be looted for 2 Yokai Water Pot and a Spirit Stone.

Turn around and look for the main fiery roadblock that is stopping you from progressing, and look into a house on the right to fight two Dwellers for a large chest that contains an Earth Omamori Charm, Rogue Armor Kote, Spirit Stone, and Bizen-den Uchigatana. Now go to the other fiery blockade that is by the watchtower you climbed up, and look for an open door on the right to sneak through a house.

After players exit this house, they can loot a Black Steel Axe by immediately turning left. Continuing along this main path, players will finally reach the shore where there are a couple of patrolling Outlaws near the ship. Players need to head towards the ledge that overlooks the beach and drop down from it inside a house where another Fiend fight awaits them.

Once the fiend is dead, players can loot the area for Platemail Armor Kote, Platemail Armor Suneate and Platemail Armor Kabuto and then leave through the door to head towards the ship and the boss fight.

Onryoki Boss Fight

When players enter the ship, the will have to fight the boss, Onroyki, who is tied to two massive Ball & Chains which he constantly uses during combat to deal massive damage. Given their range, players need to be always ready to dodge or block this attack or death will be swift.

Onroyki’s attacks will also drain pretty much all the Ki player has so blocking attacks isn’t the best option and it is better to evade those attacks. Instead of using a normal dodge, players should double tap the dodge button to do a combat roll to fully avoid Onroyki’s attacks. There are some boxes in the room that can be destroyed for Elixir if the players run out.

Once players have dealt him enough damage to deplete his Ki, they can destroy his chains so he doesn’t use those attacks any more. After this, he will resort to using short leaping body slams or sweeping claw attacks.

Onroyki will still pick up and throw the ball and chain at players if he gets close to them so it is best to kite him away from those. Players should use their Ki Pulse to destroy the Yokai Realms he keeps on spawning so that they have more movement room available and not spend the Ki in trying to block his attacks.

After killing Onroyki, players will be rewarded with a lot of rare items and equipment and a spirit will appear near them to talk and complete the mission.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Walkthrough Guide Part-2. If there is anything else you would like to know, let us know in the comments section below!

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