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Nintendo Is Giving Away Super Mario Run Coins To Everyone Just For Logging In

To celebrate the recent launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is giving players 2,222 Super Mario Run coins for free on iOS.

There are no strings attached or side purchases involved with this Super Mario Run coins giveaway. All players have to do is log in to Super Mario Run and they will get a gift box with 2,222 coins in it.

To receive these coins, players don’t even need to download Fire Emblem Heroes or pay $10 to unlock all the Super Mario Run courses so it the giveaway is free in every sense of the word, whether players are interested in Fire Emblem game or not.

Since the game is not available on Android yet and is expected to launch in March, it is unclear whether this Super Mario Run coins giveaway will be available on Android smartphones or not. There is also no information on when the giveaway ends but it is best that interested players claim the coins as soon as possible.

The side scrolling Mario auto-runner was launched recently on iOS and has been quite successful. Despite being released only on iOS so far, the game already has more than 78 million downloads which means Nintendo has yet another huge hit for their smartphone division as earlier indicated by the immense popularity of Pokemon Go.

The game is free to play but to unlock all the courses, players need to purchase the game and so far, more than 5% of the player base has purchased the full version, which is actually expensive in UK due to Brexit.

This means that since its launch in December on iOS, Super Mario Run has earned more than $40 million in revenue which is a huge figure considering it is just one mobile platform and the launch on Android will only end up giving it another massive sales boost.

The game currently has a golden Goomba event on-going that will run till 20th Febuary and also received an easy mode difficulty in a recent update.