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Most Contested Picks After Three Weeks of LCS Spring Split 2017

The League Championship Series (LCS) has successfully completed the first three weeks of its ongoing Spring Split.

Compared to previous seasons, a number of champions have seen the light of day in professional League of Legends which is majorly due to the introduction of the new 10-ban system. As such, the drafting phase carries more importance than ever as a team can potentially target lanes or opponents to handicap them for added advantage.

Out of 134 available champions, 89 were picked and banned by the end of week-three across all major regions (North America, Europe, South Korea, China). That is an impressive 66 percent involvement rate for the League of Legends roster in professional play.

Coming over to the most contested picks of the season so far, six champions made the list with ease. Camille, Rengar, LeBlanc, Ryze, Varus, and Zyra were all picked and banned in over 200 games.

Breaking that down (Picked-Banned-Total):

  • Camille: 12-204 (216)
  • Rengar: 23-197 (220)
  • LeBlanc: 15-200 (215)
  • Ryze: 80-124 (204)
  • Varus: 150-53 (203)
  • Zyra: 98-113 (211)

Camille being the most banned champion is unsurprising. Despite Riot Games stating that she is currently in a good spot, professional League of Legends players deem her presence in the top lane too overwhelming most of the times.

In the wake of recent changes as well as the Assassins update, Rengar is now the new jungle king and has taken away the spotlight from Lee Sin. His terrifying roaming and assassinating potential warranted him an inclusion in the most contested picks of the season.

As for Marksman, there is a significant gap between the pick-and-ban rates of Varus and Ashe. The Frost Archer was only picked 113 times against Varus’ 150. It is assumed that the fragile stature of marksman in the current meta has led to a surge in popularity of champions like Varus in the bottom lane who can still deal damage from outside of a fray.

Despite her recent nerfs, Zyra is still the most popular support pick in the LCS. Interestingly enough, Malzhar support was the second-most popular champion in the category, being picked 72 times and banned 106.

Elsewhere, the popularity of Poppy has dwindled. In the top lane, Nautilus and Shen featured a higher pick-ban-rate than her. Meanwhile, Maokai was the second-most contested champion in the top lane behind Camille.

You can go through the available data from the past three weeks by following the source below.