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Intel i7 7740K And Core i5 7640K Processors As A Response To AMD Ryzen

According to Canard PC Hardware, a french magazine that has been getting a lot of attention due to information regarding AMD Ryzen, Intel is working on a new processor that is a slightly overclocked version of i7-7700K, the Intel i7 7740K and Intel is also allegedly working on releasing release a faster version of the i5-7600K processor, technically Intel will launch overclocked i7 and i5 Processors. The faster version i5 processor is the i5-7640K.

With AMD Ryzen’s launch not far away, Intel is curious to release a product/products that can compete with the CPU power of AMD Ryzen. Regardless, of the high power and high-tech hardware, the price point will be a key selling point for both AMD Ryzen and Intel’s new overclocked i7 and i5 Processors.

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The Intel i7 7740K will be factory clocked at 4300 MHz or 100 MHz above i7 7700K, with higher TDP at 100W. The boost frequency is not known at this time but looking at how this is a better version of the 7700K we can expect slightly higher boost clock as well.

The i5-7640K will be overclocked by 200 MHz to 4.0 GHz base clock. The first rumor was that i5 7640K would feature hyper-threading, something that is usually unavailable for i5 CPUs, but Canard PC Hardware later added a clarification that this feature is not yet confirmed to be present on the new processor.

Intel i7 7740K

The new AMD CPUs clearly pose a concern for the price positioning of the most expensive models (at 6, 8 or 10 cores). With their consistent frequency, the SMT and the number of embedded cores, the highest variations range Ryzen offer excellent performance on highly multi-threaded applications, that is to say, able to simultaneously use the Set of available cores.

Intel needs to devise a plan to launch specific products in response to AMD Ryzen and they need to announce it officially also. If the rumor is true and Intel is working on overclocked i7 and i5 Processors, they need to come forth and announce it. Let us know what you think about the Intel i7 7740K and whether or not Intel is threatened by AMD Ryzen.