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Horizon Zero Dawn Livestream Shows New Gameplay, HUD Options

Guerrilla Games, the developers of the upcoming open-world adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn, just hosted a Horizon Zero Dawn livestream that showed off not only a sizable amount of gameplay, but also the HUD options of the game. The game is still several weeks away from release on the Playstation 4.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn livestream mainly focused around traveling and combat as the devs explored the world from the point that Aloy gets the Override device that allows her to reprogram all of the various robotic animals that serve as the main enemies of the game (in addition to the human tribe that serves as the story’s main threat, led by Crispin Freeman).

From there we explore the post-apocalyptic lands of the game as Aloy explores, fights, and upgrades her equipment. Considering everything that she’s going to be up against in the game, upgrading and crafting new weapons and armor is going to be a vital part of the game, especially given the wide variety of enemies that you’ll be fighting, ranging from the humans and animal enemies to the enormous old war robots that players saw at E3 2016.

Also included in the Horizon Zero Dawn livestream was a look at the HUD options that the game has available to change, ranging with everything from the compass to enemy awareness icons, to enemy health bars, quest trackers, weapons and ammo, tools and potions, a targeting reticule, and progress bars for things like hacking and swimming (in the form of your steadily-decreasing oxygen bar).

If you want to look at the Horizon Zero Dawn livestream yourself, you can find the Twitch VOD on Guerrilla Games’s Twitch account at this link. Horizon Zero Dawn will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro on February 28 for North America, and on March 1 in Europe.