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Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro, What the Warcraft Lore Tells Us

If an information leak from yesterday is to be believed, the next Hearthstone expansion is possibly titled Lost Secrets of Un’Goro.

An updated resume of Hearthstone voice actress Lani Minella has already listed a number of cards that will be part of the upcoming expansion pack. Taking into account that the game is based on the expansive World of Warcraft universe, we can safely speculate on what’s coming our way by simply diving into the lore.

What is Un’Goro?
Un’Goro is the name of a colossal crater that lies in the southern contested part of Kalimdor, surrounded by sheer cliffs and impregnable mountain ranges as its boundary wall.

The crater is in the middle of three deserts: Tanaris, Silithus, and Uldum. However, Un’Goro has somehow managed to isolate itself from the rest of the world. Despite the harsh natural elements knocking on its doors, the Un’Goro Crater is filled with lush forests, blooming vegetation, and exotic creatures.

What Exotic Creatures Inhabit Un’Goro?
The crater is the only place in the world that survived through the age of extinction. Dinosaurs roam freely here, as do other specifies long thought to have been lost. As such, the beautiful ecosystem comes with the danger of being eaten alive.

What Dinosaurs Are Still Walking About?
Several, and all are ill-tempered that do not like sharing their space with would-be adventurers. Many have lost their lives trying to tame these creatures, but that hasn’t stopped others from still trying.

Devilsaurs: Hailing from the Tyrannosauridae family of dinosaurs, they are the largest creatures to walk the crater. Much like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, they are powerfully muscled and swiftly cover the land to rip their prey apart.

Diemetradons: Distant relatives to the crocodile, they are strong predators that use sonic bursts to silence their foes and large protruding fanged mouths to rip through flesh.

Pterrordax: They are large heavy creatures that use claw-tipped wings to glide through the air and prey on fresh meat.

Raptors: Severely aggressive, but also intelligent beasts that hunt in packs. Their strong hind legs allow them to quickly close in and catch prey with their large teeth and ugly talons.

Stegodons: They are large primitive dinosaurs that have enormous tusks extending from the snout. Thick spikes cover the spine, while a stunted tail is powerful enough to smash any traveler to smithereens.

Threshadons: To clarify, the Un’Goro Crater has no watery area that is large enough to house the long-necked Plesiosaur. What is present is a large fresh Threshadon carcass which only makes it a mystery as to how it found its way into the crater.

What Other Beasts Are There to Worry About?
They may not be as large as the dinosaurs but still require our respect.

Gorillas: Despite being herbivores, they are hostile to any travelers that come near their habitats. They are extremely powerful and agile.

Silithid: They are large insectoids, boasting intelligence and strength. They live in colonies and instantly move together to fend off threats. Most stick to the ground, while some adults grow wings over time.

Tar Beast: They rise from bubbling tar pits located in the northern portion of the Un’Goro Crater, rarely escaping the marshes. Made from a combination of mud and tar, they lob blobs at foes and use their adhesive skin to latch prey in close contact.

What Else Must We Prepare For?
Elementals and the results of corrupted magic.

Bloodpetals: These medium-sized plants use their wiry roots to walk around, and thorny vines to lash at foes.

Fire Elementals: In the center of the crater lies a volcano, with Fire Elementals moving about. These are ancient creatures, birthed by hate and cruelty, that consume the air to ignite anything they come in contact with.

Golems: Built or raised as guardians and protectors, they are found scattered in the crater. Though, there’s no telling who was responsible for their existence.

Ooze: These mindless blind creatures fell to the corruption of Fel magic a long time ago. They are living sludge that deal acidic damage.

What Does This Mean for Hearthstone?
The Hunter class has fallen off in recent times. Provided that the next Hearthstone expansion is themed around the Un’Goro Crater, it is safe to say that the a number of beasts will be making their way on to the playing board.

As such, the expansion should prove to be significant for Hunters as they will have a brand new deck to play with.

Besides Beasts, Does Un’Goro Crater Hold Anything Else?
The Un’Goro Crater features three mysterious pylons on its ridges that are rumored to have a connection with the Titans. According to ancient text, the Titans were using Un’Goro to perform experiments to create new life forms. The pylons could be instruments in those experiments or mark the locations where the Titans will return.

Additionally, multi-colored crystals scattered about the land can be used to power these pylons. Both the pylons and crystals could make their way into Hearthstone as empowering cards. Either that, or Blizzard could avail the opportunity of pushing through a few Titans.

When Can I Expect to Unravel the Lost Secrets of Un’Goro?
Hearthstone is slated to receive a major update in the next two months. Blizzard should begin talking about the expansion in March. However, in light of the recent information leak, the developer could be forced into revealing a few details sooner.