Square Enix Already Has An Experimental Build Of Final Fantasy XV PC Version

Square Enix and Hajime Tabata have been talking a lot about Final Fantasy XV PC version recently, indicating that if the game did end up getting ported to PC it would require a pretty beefy rig to play.

It seems like this assessment of theirs regarding the Final Fantasy XV PC version is actually based on their experience because recent reports suggest that the company already has an experimental build of the game running on PC with pretty much life like visuals.

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DualShockers recently had a chance to see this experimental build in action at the publisher’s headquarters in Tokyo, where they were warned that this isn’t actually a functional but just an experiment to see how the game fares.

Compared to the PS4 and Xbox One version, the Final Fantasy XV PC version had all the possibly bells and whistles enabled and maxed out including vegetation, draw distance, density and so forth giving the world an amazing vivid look. Since this wasn’t actually a working build of the game’s PC port, all these visuals were in-engine.

However, as they had earlier said a beefy PC would be required for the game, it seems like their words held some merit as the PC running this experimental version of the game was powered by Nvidia’s latest GTX 1080 in SLI configuration, basically making the PC capable of 4K@60 FPS.

Square Enix didn’t allow for any screenshots or more detailed visual information to be shared but from their impression, it seems like the people at DualShockers were highly impressed and blown away by the visual fidelity.

While these is no current plans on making the game available on PC, the developers do hope that once the game does arrive on the platform, it should have mod support to fully utilize the potential of PC gaming.

Square Enix also recently shared new trailers for their upcoming DLCs, Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto which are part of the Season Pass.

The developers also announced more free content which will be heading to the game for those who don’t own or plan on purchasing the season pass.