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Joseph Staten Will Be Serving As Crackdown 3 Screenwriter

Reagent Games, the developers of Crackdown 3, have added a new bit of talent to serve as the Crackdown 3 screenwriter in the game’s development. The game has gotten former Bungie employee Joseph Staten to write the game’s story for them, and with Staten’s previous pedigree he will hopefully make the game’s story a masterpiece.

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Joseph Staten previously served as Bungie’s director of cinematics, along with writing the stories for Halo 2 and Destiny, along with ReCore, the first game in the Xbox One Play Anywhere program that, while it got criticism for its repetitive combat, technical issues, and bad design choices, but was notably praised for its story, platforming, and gameplay.

Hopefully, as the Crackdown 3 screenwriter, Joseph Staten can make the game’s story just as good as Halo 2’s or ReCore’s, or even what Destiny could have been (or at least is now, since Bungie has started working more on the game’s story).

With Crackdown 3 having to throw off the negative stigma that came from Crackdown 2’s rather bad reception (particularly in that it was criticized as being almost indistinguishable from the first Crackdown game), Joseph Staten being picked as the screenwriter is probably one of the studio’s best ideas.

Crackdown 3 is promising more than just a good story, however. The game’s reveal at E3 2014 promised a lot of destruction, and the developers even put out a developer diary talking about the science of the game’s demolition engine.

With not only a new destruction engine, but also with a good writer as the Crackdown 3 screenwriter, the future looks bright for Crackdown 3 to make just as much of an impact as the first game.

Either way, Crackdown 3 is supposed to come out sometime this year exclusively for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC. We can expect to see Joseph Staten’s work whenever its release date rolls around.