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New TimeSplitters Rewind Trailer Hints At A 2017 Release

There is a new TimeSplitters Rewind trailer available now, unfortunately it is just a tiny teaser with just the logo of the upcoming game.

The development team interestingly highlighted their newly uploaded video as Teaser Trailer #1 indicating there might be more to follow soon before a full trailer.

The TimeSplitters Rewind trailer starts off with ominous music and shows what seems like some green crystals. There are also some voices in the background although it is difficult to make out whether they are saying something or just chanting.

The teaser trailer ends with a 2017 date which suggests the game is scheduled to be released this year.

Hopefully, more information regarding the release and the game itself will be revealed soon, preferably before E3 so players have a chance to try out an E3 demo if it ends up happening.

The team behind TimeSplitters Rewind, Cinder Interactive, has been pretty quiet about the game for some time which led many to think that the project had been cancelled.

Thankfully, this new TimeSplitters Rewind trailer puts all those issues to rest as developers have pretty much just declared that the project is still under development and will be releasing soon.

The TimeSplitters franchise originally started back in 2000 and was created by Free Radical Design before the property was purchased by Crytek which later sold it Cinder Interactive, which actually happens to be a fan-made development team.

Despite it being a fan-made project, TimeSplitters Rewind seems to have the blessings of Crytek to continue on with the project without any interference, in fact Crytek UK had been hoping for a new TimeSplitters game for quite some time but couldn’t make it themselves.

The fan made project has been in development since 2012 and is expected to be released on both PC and PS4. Initially, the game is expected to only feature a multiplayer although a singleplayer campaign might be released some time down the road.