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Tekken 7 Space Requirement is Bizarre for a Fighting Game

Over the weekend, Bandai Namco officially updated its store listings to reveal the Tekken 7 space requirement for PlayStation 4.

According to the publisher, the minimum space requirement that PlayStation 4 owners in North America must adhere to is 42 GB. For the European region, the minimum requirement only increases to 45 GB in light of localization measures.

In contrast to recent fighting games, the massive Tekken 7 space requirement is bizarre. Mortal Kombat X released in April 2015 with a space requirement of 31 GB. Two years of various updates and content packs have bloated the game to 43 GB, which is still lighter than what Tekken 7 will weigh on day-one.

Street Fighter V required 12.4 GB of space when it released last year. With all of its post-release content, the game still stands at just 20 GB. Even King of Fighters XIV demands 15 GB of storage space.

Suffice to say that the recently announced Season Pass is only going to increase the space that Tekken 7 takes on your console. Three content packs filled with new playable characters, stages, game modes, costume packs, and more, are definitely stretching the minimum space requirements by a significant number.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution was previously slated for a release early this year. However, Bandai Namco announced last month that the game is being pushed to July in order to ensure a complete and stable release.

The home edition is confirmed to feature several favorite characters from the series like Nina Williams, Miguel Caballero, Panda, Kuma, Asuka, Dragunov, and Devil Jin. Additionally, it will feature guest character Akuma from the Street Fighter universe as an integral component of the game’s story mode.

Tekken 7 hits shelves on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering the digital version nets you an exclusive Tekken 7 theme alongside Eliza, the seemingly immortal blood-sucking vampire.